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We believe in the power of financial literacy. It’s unfortunate that schools do not provide crucial life lessons like financial planning. Thus, we created Singapore Financial Planners to create a space where we provide financial education so that you can make an informed decision.

We also understand that there are too many financial advisors in Singapore. Thus, based on our own standards, we identified and partnered with the most trustworthy, unbiased, and ethical financial advisors in Singapore.

This is so that you can receive a truly personalised financial advice and invest in financial products that you need. That way, you don’t overpay in premiums and maximise every bit of your dollar.

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Our Vision

We aim to play a part in improving the financial literacy of Singaporeans. We are tired of listening to our friends and families on how they’ve been “scammed” or have overpaid in premiums for an insurance plan, investment plan, or savings plan. It hurts knowing that the people we care for could have saved their money and maximised their dollar.

We’re not financial experts, we’re just like you. We take the effort in learning and sharing our knowledge so that you have access to financial knowledge that you’ll need. Our articles are vetted by financial advisors for accuracy and credibility, and undergo strict editorial process. Thus, as much as possible, whatever you see on our website are unbiased.

Therefore, through the articles written by us and impartial financial advice given to you by our partners, we hope to see fewer Singaporeans facing such situations.



Our partner advisors have undergone a strict selection process and have gone for training to really understand the various products offered in the market. They are trained to analyse the needs and gaps of your financial portfolio.



When our partners meet with you, they are focused on listening and comprehending the needs you have or might have. Based on shared experience and knowledge, they have sufficient case studies to know what works and what doesn’t.



Our partners are serious in providing you value. They evaluate your current portfolios and will only recommend you products you’ll need. If you already have comprehensive coverage, our financial consultants are willing to look into future opportunities.

“No one has ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.”

Suze Orman

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Our personal service to you

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making a start

If you’re interested in planning for your financial future, make a start by contacting a financial advisory service through us. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced in financial planning, you’ll receive a financial service that absolutely suits you and only you.

Be it if you’re looking for health insurance, insurance for pregnancy, personal accident insurance, life insurance or even personal investments to make money with some extra savings you have, our partners are the right people for you.

Make a change for yourself. Make a change for your family. Contact a financial advisor today.

get to know each other

We like to work with people who trust us in what we do. That's why it's important for us to get to know each other so that we can connect you with the best financial advisor suited for you.

understanding your needs

Everyone is different. Our partners will take time to fully understand your needs and will not move on before doing so.

achieving your goals

Our partners will develop and customise a financial portfolio that is tailored to your financial needs. They're only happy if you're happy.
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We'll always be there for you

We take pride in our network of partner financial advisors. If you have any special requirements or feedback regarding their performance, reach out to us and we’ll take your input seriously.

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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